How to get free noise canceling headphones

Alright I’m about to tell you is something I have been doing since high school, to get free headphones. I have really never told many people about this secret that I’m going to share with you today. In fact, I get asked on how I do all the time. Due to such high demand for my secrets. I will share them with you on my blog for free! Yes, that’s right, for free. Usually most people are very greedy when it comes to sharing secrets with others but, since you came to my blog. I will tell you how to do each step in detail. You’re honestly going to laugh at how easy this is. At the end of this post. I’m going to make it even easier for you.

How this works

I only buy one brand of headphones and that brand is called Skullcandy. If you like sports like skateboarding, longboarding, bmx, surfing, or even indie/ hard rock music. Then you may have heard of the headphone company called skullcandy. They have lots of headphones designs to including: on-ear, over-ear, in-ear. Skullcandy also offers both wireless and wired headphones. So you have many options to choose from. But one of the main reason’s that I buy their headphones is not just for skullcandy’s amazing quality, but for their awesome warranty system.

To use Skullcandy’s warranty system you must first have a skullcandy product that is broken. You cannot warranty headphones that are still working and nothing is wrong with. To do this you can enlist the help of platform’s like eBay to help you find broken headphones.

When searching for broken headphones, there are 3 things that you should consider before buying any of the headphones that are listed on eBay.

  • The cost of the broken product.
  • The condition of the product.
  • How much those headphones cost on Skullcandy’s website.

The skullcandy warranty system works by the 3 things listed above. Some of Skullcandy’s products you may find listed on eBay will not be the same ones that are listed on skullcandy’s website. This is a good thing, because all the old skullcandy products that are no longer listed on skullcandy’s website are under lifetime warranty that Skullcandy used to offer. That has since changed to a 2-year limited time warranty. So if you buy newer products, be aware of this. This does not matter at the moment since this was a recent change. Only be concerned about this after you have your new headphones for more than a year or so.

There are 2 ways to get free products from the skullcandy warranty system:

  1. You get store credit equal to the value of the skullcandy product to use on anything in the store.
  2. You get your product replaced for free.

Step#1:Finding great broken products

Looking for broken headphones to warranty can be a very easy and rewarding process. I’ll even link products on this site, that I would buy myself. This will help you quickly to find products to buy so this does not have to be a long process. I will even show you how to make money selling these headphones that you got for free as well. So not only will you learn how to get free noise isolating headphones and other products. But you will also learn how to build a side income selling these free headphones. So far I have made over $300 this month alone selling headphones that I got for free on eBay. You will never have to pay for full price for nice things ever again with the techniques that you may learn within my site.

Here are some good examples and picks of items that have a high return:


(click on the picture to view the price or to check if the item has sold)

*The images contain affiliate links to generate revenue from a sale. This helps to run my site. Please use them to your advantage. 

I will do my best to keep this page updated with my top picks so you do not have to search or be in doubt if this is a good pick or not. You want to try to keep the price as low as possible and you can use the best offer feature to further negotiate the price. You would be impressed by how many good deals you can get by submitting best offers.

Step #2: Buy and fill out the warranty claim

After you have bought those headphones, you can then create a short story about how the build of the product is to blame for the item breaking if there is any visible damage. If the description says that the sound went out you can simply put that and specify what side. You can fill out claims using the link provided here—> Skullcandy warranty claim

All you must do here in the warranty claim center is to:

  • select your product
  • select purchase date
  • describe the problem
  • enter your personal information.

You will then receive a warranty request claim email in your inbox. Print out that email and package it with your warranty items. Print out an extra form along with it to use it as the packaging label. Once that is done, get a padded envelope (you can also reuse old ones) to package and ship your products to Skullcandy. You will have to pay for shipping so keep this in mind. Try to keep the weight and space the package takes up as little as possible to keep shipping costs low. Do not send more than 3 items at a time. Sending more than 3 at a time may get your product warranty voided. Give Skullcandy at least 2 weeks to validate your warranty claim. It usually happens 2 days after they have received your products.

Shipping tips:

  • USPS will always be cheaper if the package is a pound or under
  • reuse old packaging
  • Use a nearby ups store to find the best shipping rates since they can forward packages to USPS free of charge
  • The ups store will also tape the labels to your package for free as well so you never have to buy or put the label on packages. This saves you both time and money
  • Pay for shipping in advance using PayPal and be accurate with the weights as possible.

Step #3: Claim your free headphones

Depending on what you sent in, you will get store credit that you can use on any item in the Skullcandy store. You will receive it in the form of a coupon code. I try to use as much of the credit as possible so that I end up paying $0.00 every time I make an order from You can choose to stack these coupons and order everything that you want at once or order as you go. Either way, you get free headphones. You will use the coupons at check out and each coupon can only be redeemed once. Choose wisely how you spend your coupons. I have been given a little over $3,000 in coupons this year alone. So if I can do it then you can do it too!

Want to get your money back for the cost of shipping and the buying broken ones?

Simply sell two of the headphones you ordered at a discounted rate and you will make all your money back instantly. You can sell it to your friends, use Facebook marketplace, list it on offer up or eBay. The choice is yours. I even give some away to friends just cause.

You now know exactly what to do if your skullcandy headphones ever have any problems with them. Simply repeat steps 2 and 3 to never have to pay for new headphones ever again. This same process can probably be used for other brands as well. I have yet to try it. Let me know if you do!

In a later post, I will explain how to run a profitable eBay store using the same methods that are listed here. If this has worked for you, feel free to share this post with someone or leave a comment letting me know if following my guide has worked for you.

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In the mean time, Have fun and jam on!





3 thoughts on “Get free noise canceling headphones”

  1. Hi there my friend!

    Thank you kindly for creating and sharing your tips and techniques on how to get free noise cancelling headphones with us all, it is appreciated, thanks.

    I gotta say I rather love this elusively obvious way of taking advantage of a companies lifetime warranty…and of course good old ebay!.

    You have curious to try this out on a range of good that come with a lifetime warranty!

  2. Hey Wes,

    Thanks for sharing your secrets, as you stated, many people do not share. I find your outside the box way of thinking as extremely creative.

    I am sure you are probably utilize your method to find other items besides the “noise canceling” headphones.

    Plus, I really didn’t know there were that may lifetime warranties left out on the market.

    You have me interested in what other items might be available, as well as wanting to read through your other posts.

    Thank You Again,

    1. Greetings Ted,

      Glad enjoyed reading, I had to use the “noise cancelling” in the title so it’s more searchable than get “free skullcandy headphones”. I have tried beats and apple products before and I have to say that was one of the most difficult warranty processes ever. Mainly because that brand is now owned by apple, so you have to go to an apple store just to warranty it. 

      I would stick with skullcandy for now due to the ease and quickness of the process.

      Let me know if you find out if the method works with any other brands.

      Have a good one!


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