How to start a blog the easy way

How to start a blog

A blog can be is one of the best ways to start making money online. But you can do so much more than just that. There are a lot of blogs on the internet that have helped people make extra money, helped them quit their jobs, or there blog’s became a fulltime business.

Are these some of the reasons why you wanted to create a blog? If yes, then continue reading on. I want to help you create your own blog today.

I should let you know now that creating a blog is the easiest part of a blog. The hardest part about a blog is, creating content on your blog.

But I want to help you with that too. Creating a blog can be a breath of fresh air because it will give your life new meaning. You are building something that will later benefit you in the future. Creating a blog can pay off in a very BIG way. Ways that you never thought were possible.

Alright let’s get started

What I want you to do first is to create your website. Don´t worry you will be able to do this for free and I´ll show you how. Letś get head over to Wealthy Affiliate to host and create your website. You will become a starter member and will be able to create 2 websites for free.

* You can always upgrade from the free domain by buying your own custom domain later. The benefit of having your own custom domain is that you will have the ability to sell it later since you own the name.

I do recommend just starting with one for now and you can move on from this later. Let’s decide on a name for your website. Here are some tips to help you decide on a name for your website.

  • Keep your domain related to your niche

For example, when I want to create a blog about cycling. I choose the name “”. It sounded very catchy and very easy to remember (in my opinion). It was also a domain that was not taken by anyone else. This is one of the most difficult things when creating a domain name.

Don’t know what a niche is?

Think of a niche as a category and within that category are different topics. For example, a niche could be cars and you could create content related to cars. I might name this website “”. This is how you should go about naming your website.

The main idea behind this is that you want to turn your website into a brand. As a brand, you will be able to create your own authority within your niche.

  • Keep it all lower case and no special characters

Notice that all domains names have one thing in common and that is that they are all in lower case. They also do not contain special characters as well. You want to be able to easily type your domain within google. It also makes it look more professional as well.

  • Try to also keep the domain name of your website as short as possible 

Your domain name should not be an entire sentence. Yes, you might get the domain name you want. But you want it to be user-friendly as well. I’d say no more than 18 characters.

  • Your domain should have meaning

You will not be able to change you the name of your domain. Whatever name that you decide on is the one you are stuck with. So choose something that you like and something that has meaning or one you are able to give meaning. For example, a ninja is a person who excels at particular skill or activity. Filiate is a related word to affiliate and means to have a close association to.

When you put the two together, it means to be associated with highly skilled people. Don’t you want to be associated with highly skilled people?

Choose a theme

Choosing a theme

Now that you have chosen a domain name, choose a theme that you want. No, I don’t mean a theme park but a look for your website. You have many that you are able to choose from and you can change themes anytime you want. I recommend that you choose a theme that you like and would like to stick with.

Because when you start building out your website, creating menus and tabs. Some themes may not be compatible with others, so it’s better to experiment with themes early on rather than later. Right now, you want to be setting up your website for success. Feel free to move and experiment with things as much as you want.

This your website, do with it what you wish.

I went with the theme G Blog because it’s layout was simple and clean. I choose this theme from the perspective of visitors. I want my website to be clean and simple so visitors have no problem going through my website. I also just generally love the way the theme looks as well.

To install a theme, simply click the install button that is located on the left side at the top of the page. Remeber that you can change the theme of your website at any time.

Remove the default content

Now that you have selected the theme that you want. You will notice that it comes with some default content as well. You can easily delete this content and replace it with some of your own.  Click on the post tab where you will see this menu

When you mouse over it, you will see the trash option. You can trash any page that you do not want here. The first page that will create is your privacy policy page.  Go to create a page and can click the link below to see my privacy policy page.

You can simply copy the one I have on my website and make changes where you see ninjafiliate at and use your own email. I would recommend creating a new email with your domain name in it. You could do it with a Gmail or Microsoft live mail account.

Don’t post this page just yet because we don’t want Google to index this webpage. To prevent this scroll all the way to the bottom of the page where it says no index. If you do not see other options below the WordPress editor then you do not have the SEO plugin installed.

Don’t worry, you will be able to complete the creation of our privacy policy page after we install the All In One SEO plugin. For now, save your post as a draft and we will come back to it later.

How to install a plugin

To install a plugin, I want you to look for the plugins tab on the left side of the scroll bar and click add new. A page similar to the one below should show up.

You may find out that the All In One SEO plugins is already installed, you just need to activate it. Simply click activate and go back to the privacy policy page that we saved as a draft. You should now find that the length of the page has been extended. And you should see some new options that are available.

Check the two boxes that you see in the picture shown. This tells the google bots not to index this post. You do not want this page to be indexed because all other sites will have similar pages. Having pages as this one will affect the ranking of your website if it is indexed.

Now go ahead and publish your privacy page.

Congrats! You just made your first website!

See that was pretty easy right, but we are not out of the woods yet. Now let’s help you create your “About me” page. You’re about you page will tell people:

  1. About who you are
  2. Your story so far
  3. Why you created this website
  4. Your vision for this website
  5. Where else they can find you (optional if you are social media)
  • Check out my about me page here if you want to see a good example or you need inspiration on what to write.

How to Search Engine Optimize your pages/posts

SEO is essential for getting your website indexed and ranked. But it is not necessary something you learn, but something that you do. All in one SEO plugin breaks down everything that you need to do into categories. There are 2 categories that you should always be paying attention to. These are the two most important things about SEO:

  1. Meta Title
  2. Meta Description

You are able to edit the meta title and description below the WordPress post or page editor.

This is the about page for another website called I created this site because I found a list of keywords that had very low competition and a high number of searches. But I’ll tell you more about that later. Remember to focus on one thing at a time.

This is to show you how easy it is to create a website. The best part is creating content for that website. This is what you should focus on when building a blog.

Meta Titles & Descriptions

When a website is indexed in google, it means people are able to find your content in Google. What a visitor might see in Google is the snippet. Your titles should make sense and bait people in. Not a forceful or clickbait kind of way. But try to peak their interest.

The meta title should not only describe the post or page but inform as well. As you do it, you will begin to understand how affiliate marketing works. And how to build traffic on your blog. This one of those learn as you go kind of things. All the knowledge in the world could not help you if you never apply it.

Here are some tips I go by:

  • Keep the meta description to around 140-150 words per post. The meta description tells you about the post before you even click on it. But Google likes a description of a website that gives a lot of information as well.
  • The title should be tied into keywords for what people may be searching for but not over 50 characters.
  • Use Jaxxy to search for relevant keywords

You are able to use jaxxy to do keyword searches since you are also connected to the wealthy affiliate community. The number of searches you are able to perform with jaxxy will be limited since you have a free starter account. But when and if you decide to upgrade to a premium account, you will be able to perform an unlimited amount of searches.

This is just one of the perks of being of being a member of Wealthy Affiliate. Jaxxy helps a lot when looking for searching for good keywords for content. Because not only do you want your content be good but, you want your content to be searchable as well.

This how you are able to get free organic traffic to your website.

How to use jaxxy to find keywords

When searching for keywords I like to look for certain things before choosing a certain keyword. Here are some tips for choosing a good keyword:

  • Choose keywords that work well as a title
  • Use keywords that have a low QSR score/low competition ( below 100)
  • Keywords that have a high number of searches

This is all the information that you will need to find good keywords on jaxxy. Of course, it’s up to you if you want to try it your own way. But this is how I go about looking for keywords. Let’s look at a keyword list that I was using for my website PC homies.

  • Avg – Is the avg number of searches the keyword gets a month
  • Traffic – Is the estimated amount of traffic that your website will receive if ranked on the first page
  • QSR – Stands for ” Quoted Search Results”. This number represents the number of websites that are already ranked in google for that specific keyword
  • KQI – Keyword quality indicator
  • SEO – this is a score that represents the probability of your website being on the first page of a search engine
  • Domain – This shows if the keyword you searched for has related domains available

Notice that the QSR of all of the keywords in this list is below 100. All this means is that all of the keywords have a relatively low amount of competition per a keyword. But yet all the searches for these keywords are also pretty high.

Remember that your website is competing with everyone else’s website as well. So it is better to go with keywords that those sites are not using so you are able to outrank them.  The reason people might click on a blog website rather than any other website is that a blog website is aimed at helping the user. And a blog will usually have a lot more information.

Being ranked on the first page of Google does a lot for your website traffic as well. This should be one of your main goals going forward. But this will take time and will not be immediate.

If you are not seeking to help the visitor, answer questions they might have, or help the visitor make a better-informed decision. Then you are not going to get much traffic to your website. Not getting much traffic leads to fewer sales, fewer sales means that you do not make any money with your website.

Always over deliver with every post that you make.

Yes, you want to make money from your website, but there is no such thing as something for nothing. Look at it like this, when someone want’s to buy a product or service. They want to know if that product or service is good or not.

To check to if that product or service is good, they might look for some reviews.

Reviews are perfect for blogs because it provides information from your own personal experience. And if that product you reviewed had flaws and there were much better products. You are able to recommend a better product in the review instead.

This holds true with the idea of overdelivering. When you over-deliver, you give someone more than what they expected. Tie this idea into all the content that you create. Always give a visitor more than what they expected and you will see everything grow exponentially.

There are so many different ways to make money with a website that it would make this post to long. However, I’ll give you more content tips in another post instead.

Keep moving forward

You’re off to a nice start here, but try not to lose this momentum. If you stop it will be even harder to start again. You want to be creating content for your site every week. I would say to aim for about 12 posts a month. That’s about 3 posts a week.

  • Your content should contain 1,400 to 2,000 words

This if you want your content to be ranked high in google. If you think that you are not a writer, don’t worry. I wasn’t either, I got better at writing content by actively creating content. Now, 1,000 words is child’s play for me. And it will be for you too if you post content consistently.

  • Don’t copy other people work but the way they do things

Mimicking is the highest form of flattery, but it can also get you to shut down. You don’t want all your hard work to be erased. Avoid plagiarizing completely.

You can’t use everything on the internet as you please, but you can copy what they did and make it your own.

If you are using someone’s information to help you create a piece of content, ask first or modify it so that it is no way connected to the original. The more you do this, the better you get.

  • Show and tell

If you’re writing a review on a product or service, don’t just tell them about it. Show them how it works. Break everything down and be sure to use pictures or a video to help better paint a picture. If you do this, you are definitely heading in the right direction.

That’s all I have, for now, if you created a website, please leave the name of your website below. I would love to see what you guys create. You can ask any questions that you may have using the comment section below.

Peace & Stay strong guys


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