How craft a website into something unique

Anyone can build a website, but how do craft it for the purpose that you created it? Just like the shoes we wear, we all have different shoes for different purposes. We may not use the shoes we wear to work for camping. It’s the same reason why you might use amazon to do online shopping instead of going to a store in person.

But that’s not it

We craft a website because we, in some way, want to express our own form of self expression in to something. The way that we craft a website is influenced from that creative desire.

Weather or not if we are doing it to build a business , brand, forum, blog  or to help others. You may have just wanted to  learn a new skill.  You can design a website for any of those reasons. You have many different platforms that you can choose from to craft your website. Here are a few examples:

Each platform has it’s purpose and benefits to using it and you may have even heard of a few. However, I didn’t use any of these. I used something much more simpler that would still give me the same degree of customization and still be cost effective at the same time. That platform was Wealthy Affiliate.

Not only did they give me the tools that I needed but the resources that I had unlimited access to as well. Think of it like a Community of affiliate marketers. But they give you everything you need in order to succeed. But I’ll talk more about that in a later post. Right now, we want to be better able to craft a website

Crafting a website

Earlier when I said that the platform I was using was wealthy affiliate, but Wealthy Affiliate uses WordPress has a content management system. Content management systems allow you to organize content on to a website without knowing how to program or having to learn code.

For example, I didn’t have to learn any code to build this website but, I did need to know how to design a website to be  appealing and functional for what I want. This is done first by choosing a good theme. There are thousands of themes to choose in the theme store. You are free to choose from any of the themes that you see there. This is if you are going through Wealthy Affiliate to build and host your website.

Choosing a theme

There are over 3000+ themes that are available in WordPress theme store. Most of them are aimed at blog pages, and landing pages. A lot of the themes may seem like they have limited features and customization. But you must remember that these are free themes. All of the theme features are unlocked when you upgrade to the pro version.

For example, one I found blog theme that I really liked, but it would be even better to change some of the colors, access to different menus, sliders and have further customization. I’m able to do all this when I buy the pro version of a theme.

By clicking the “upgrade to pro” button on the customization panel located on the left hand side. You will transferred to the theme creators site.

Here, you will be able to see other theme designs offered by the same creators as well and other options they may have.

This is all assuming that you will be hosting through Wealthy Affiliate. If you don’t want to, that’s fine too. You will still be able to get a lot of helpful information from this post still.

Building off from a theme, saves you time since you already have something that already flows together. That way, you able to invest more time on your website creating landing pages or content for that website. In fact, you want be focused more on creating content for your website rather than just focusing on the looks.

Yes, you do want that appealing to look at and easy to explore. But the real question is “Why would anyone want come to your website anyway?”

We rarely are visiting a website because of it’s Aesthetics. People visit a website for one of three reasons:


  1. To purchase
  2. Inform
  3. To Entertain

These are the the 3 ingredients that you need to craft a good and useful website.

To make a purchase decision

Take my money

If you want create a website that the goal is for someone to buy something. Then answer the question why someone would want to buy your product or service. This is why anyone who wants to make money selling there product or service online needs to know how to market.

Marketing is not selling

When you market something, you don’t just hype it up because of your own vested interest. But must look at it from the perspective of the customer.

What’s in it for them?

How could this product or service benefit the customer or someone they know?

Would you spend your own money on it?

These are the questions that you have to answer when you want to guide someone into purchasing something. Keep in mind that the main reason we purchase some things and not others is all emotional, not logical. Learned that form a book on nueromarketing.

If you can reach someone on the emotional level. They are more likely to buy from you simply because they trust you.Trust is an emotion and is something that can developed or felt. Now that you know what marketing is, do you think my opening is selling you something or is it helping to market wealthy affiliate?

I recommend your website to have:

  • Reviews
  • An FAQ page
  • Media that displays the features the uses and benefits
  • Cost of goods or services
  • shipping time and cost of shipping of physical goods (Can be covered in the cost)
  • Purchase/payment methods (more on this >> here)
  • Drive traffic with social media (learn more about this >> here)

To offer information

All you need to know in one place

When you create content that is aimed to inform customers ,visitors, or prospects. You have many different ways to go about it. But you can’t just go around telling people about stuff and say that you are informing people. You have to show them and ask questions, which is much more effective.

The way that I like to go about doing this is to first to create a title that is both interesting intriguing. If you  can effectively grab someone’s attention in the first 15 second of them seeing it. They are 85% more likely to hear you out. And with websites, you have to be able to answer peoples question quickly and effectively. Or they might end up going somewhere else.

People are very impatient now more than ever. So you want to have your audiences attention and get them to an “Alright, I’m listening” moment quickly.

A few tips on giving information:

  • Create moments of intrigue
  • Ask and answer questions
  • Create something eye catching
  • The main goal is to spread awareness

To entertain

Oh this is going to be good

To entertain is to give attention or consideration to (an idea, suggestion, or feeling). One of the most effective ways to get people to follow your content but, also one of the hardest to master. When your goal is to entertain people, I like to try to get people to laugh, question things, go along on adventures with me, or give my unique prospective on things.

For example, I like to use social media to grow my audience. Specifically speaking Snapchat and Instagram. I don’t really use Facebook because it feels too crowded and noisy. But Facebook can be a very useful tool to use still. However, Snapchat and Instagram are more fun to play with in my opinion.

Growing your audience

It is very important that when you begin to grow your audience that you experiment until you find what works. Show them what life looks like from your perspective and show them things that only you can show them. You do not have to copy what every one else does and posts. But you can copy the way that they do things. 

Stay consistent with the social media platform that you choose to use. If you are going to make YouTube videos, do so on a regular basis. You can’t grow an audience without relevance.

If you only post content every to months, you won’t be on people minds,  nor will they be expecting you. It’s very important that once you start, that you don’t stop. It good to take breaks every now and then. But be aware on how long that you are away.

Interact with your audience 

When you interact with your audience or fans, they will begin to form a deeper fondness for you. This means that they might share your content or page openly with others. This is why it is very important to treat others the same way on and offline. Your reputation can be lost as quickly as it was to gain. Just take some of the big You-tubers or twitch streamers for example.


Collaboration with other is expedites growth of your own site and gives you a chance to help others as well. Take Joe Roagans podcast for example. Rarely is he ever just by himself or speaking with someone that he has already interviewed before. This allows him give other people exposure while always having new and fresh content as well.

This also helps take all the pressure off you as well.

Document your Journey 

You do not have to be making all new content all the time. You can simply state what you are currently going through or the keep reiterating the same message that you want to get across. If you have never heard of Gary Vee, I highly suggest that you check him out. He may be making new content, but his message stays the same throughout all the media platforms he’s on.

Ask yourself, “What is the main message that you want the world to hear?” Your answer may change over time but the main idea stays the same. This the foundation that you want to build your website or brand around.

If you have any of the 3 ingredients for your website. Then you will be able to make a great pie.

The best part of crafting a website

The best part

One the best parts of building a website is building something from nothing that you give meaning and value. You are not trying to become the new York times, Facebook or Walmart. You want to become something totally different, something unique and original.

You want to show the world from your own individual point of view while still keeping things in perspective. My last few words of advice that I have to give to you to implement in your website is to:

  • Make a site that is user friendly
  • Keep it simple stupid (complexity does not make it better)
  • Your website should aim to help rather than to just profit
  • Be able to be flexible and adapt to change
  • Find where the attention is and use it to your advantage

If you have not created your own website, blog , or if you want to learn more about affiliate marketing. I highly recommend that you check out Wealthy Affiliate. There is a entire community of affiliate marketers that are willing to help you get to where you want to be. All the training and resources that you might ever need are here.

If anything that I said here helped you, please let me know by leaving a comment below.

Peace and stay strong guys.


2 thoughts on “How to craft a website”

  1. I love what you reference in your theme section. I have a site through wordpress and and there 3000+ themes you mentioned are amazing. I have switched between themes on a few occasions, and each theme presented its own personality. I didn’t know what upgrading to pro would do, so thank you for providing that info. I want to change the colors so bad on my current theme, but didn’t know how. I think after posting this I am going to go upgrade to pro! 

    1. That’s awesome! I feel like a lot of pro theme are underrated. But in reality they give us way more customization than what we can do with the free themes that are already provided. Just make sure that you back up your current site before you install the pro version of the themes


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