How to increase traffic for your website

In this guide, I will show you a few different ways to get traffic to your website. These are some techniques that I will show you will be ones that I have learned from the Wealthy Affiliate community and some that I have discovered on my own. You must realize that getting traffic to your website is not something that happens in an instant. Getting traffic still takes time and is something that Increases gradually. So if you want traffic you must be patient, have faith, and be consistent with a few of the techniques.

Hidden Traffic technique #1:Social media

Social media is one of my favorite tools to get traffic to your website. You have so many platforms to choose from:

  • Facebook – Good for almost everything
  • Instagram – Pictures and short stories
  • Snapshat – short stories / more personal audience
  • Twitter – sharing / short conversations

Each platform has its own purpose, best uses, strengths, and weaknesses. First, I will start with Facebook. There are a lot of good ways to get traffic to your website using Facebook. One of those ways would be to join Facebook groups related to your website’s topic. Use the search bar to search for relevant groups related to your niche. If you, do not find any good ones then I would recommend creating your own. Creating your own Facebook group takes a bit more work, but in the long run, it will pay off.

The power of Facebook groups

Having your own Facebook group means that you get to create your own rules. This means that you get to post anything that you want, but the key is to post topic’s that are 80% to help other and 20% for your benefit. By keeping this formula in mind, you will notice that the traffic that you direct to your website will be higher converting. By offering valuable content that is useful for your visitors, they are more willing to follow, subscribe to you or even share your content. When people want to share your content, you get to reach people that are outside your group. This is when you may start to see massive amount’s of traffic incoming to your site.

When you join other people Facebook groups, you have to follow the groups rules. This means that you can not:

  • Post direct links to your website
  • Post content that directly helps your site
  • Run the community the way that you want

However, by being an active contributing member to the group. The admins may allow you to post content that support’s your site. The benefit of joining someone else’s Facebook group is that you do not have to start from scratch. You do not have to find people that are interested in your niche. They have already been found for you. You just have to follow the groups rules or guidelines.


Promote on your own Facebook account

By sharing content on your own personal account everybody on your friends list can see your content. But, this is a double-edged sword:

  • 5,000 friend limit
  • You may lose some friends
  • Some of your friends may not be interested in what you have to say
  • Your content may not be aimed at the right audience

Create a Business Page

To get around this, you can create a Facebook business page. You can create a Facebook business page within minutes and promote that page your personal account as well. It is also much more direct and looks more personal. The only difference is that everyone may not see your posts even if they like your page. However, this allows as many people as possible to follow your page. Even if not everybody see it, you are still getting a lot more exposure than no page at all.

How to create a Facebook business page

  1. Find the “create” Icon on the bottom of the left side bar.

2. Fill out information about your page

3. Add some content, profile images and invite people

One of the perks of a Facebook business page is that you get now sponsor your posts. It does not cost a lot to advertise on Facebook and starting off with a small investment of 20$ and some learning. You will find that you can generate a lot of traffic to your site even if some of that traffic is paid traffic. Sponsoring posts on your business page can be an effective way to get attention to website and you get to have access to the millions of users on Facebook. You can do this by using the “promote” button on the business page.

The best part about advertising on Facebook is using the Facebook engine. After a month of running ads on Facebook, the Facebook ad algorithm will begin to better target your ad’s so that:

  • You have a higher rate of return
  • More money in ad spend gets a greater return on investment
  • You reach more people than you could without advertising

Learn more about advertising on Facebook—>here

Use Instagram to get more traffic to your website

Everyone has at least heard of Instagram at some point, but you can also use it to gain traffic to your site. If you, don’t already have a profile, create one. With this profile, your going to create a business profile. A business profile will give you more options than a regular profile. A business profile will allow you to:

  • Allow you to sponsored posts
  • Gain access to analytic
  • Other people can see if you have a business account

Posting regularly will attract more followers and people to your account. When you do this, I would recommend adding calls to action in the description. A call to action is inviting someone to take action in something you would like them to do. For example, you might see some one say that “click the link in the bio“. This is a good way to send traffic to your website using Instagram. If you, never ask people to specificity do something, then they will never do it. Once you develop a habit of doing this, then you will notice that the people starting to visit your site will begin to increase. This might correlate to content that you post.

Want to see my profile? Follow me @ridewithwes

Take advantage of Instagram stories


Another useful feature of Instagram is the stories feature. By creating daily posts of interesting content, you can get more viewers to your story. By having more people viewing your story, Instagram will start recommend your story to other people. Soon, the amount of viewers that you have will begin to grow. You can also keep people updated with anything that you want to promote. You can easy share links to posts or articles within the story. Effectively sending people to your website.

*Beware of unless you save a story, the story will only be available for 24 hours.

Using Snapchat to drive traffic

Like Instagram, Snapchat uses stories as well. You can post pictures as well as short videos. You can use these features to create interesting content that does not take a long time to create. Remember that the stories that you create and post will only be available for 24 hours. So if you want to grow your audience, I would recommend posting daily, view, interact, and reply to other users posts. You can’t really build a following without interacting with other people.

When you want to direct some of your Snapchat audience to your website, then include a call to action. Attach a link to your post or article in your story by clicking the paper clip icon. The only way that they can access your link is if you ask them to “swipe up”. By swiping up, users will instantly be redirected to your website or post. I would not do this with every post you make, but when you want promote something on your website.

Want to see how I do things here? follow me @ la.clot.

Gaining traffic with twitter

With Twitter, you do not have to post a lot but, to share a lot and respond to other users posts. Twitter is already a loud place to be and some studies show that it is recommended that you post about 15 tweets per a day. That’s a lot to post just by yourself. It”s better to just retweet things that your audience might like from time to time. Honesty, I do not have a lot experience with twitter, but I will soon.

In the mean time, I found some helpful articles that might help.

  • – How often should you post on social media
  • – 12 Formulas: How to Use Twitter to Drive Traffic to Your Blog
  • – 5 Top Tips For Driving a Ton of Free Traffic with Twitter

I will also be trying the strategies in order to see what has worked best for me. With any social media platform that you use grow your website. You have to realize that the only way to get successful with gaining traffic with these platforms is to stay consistent. Focus using each media platform one at a time rather than all at once. Only when you get good with one platform, is when you decide to get good with another.

Hidden traffic technique #2: SEO


SEO stands for search engine optimization. Each search engine ranks your content in different ways. Based on where your website ranks in the search engine: Yahoo, Bing, or Google. You could gain traffic to your website just based on where a search engine ranks your website based on those keywords. Keywords are what search engines used to find content in pages that are related to searched terms.

What are good keywords?

Good keywords are words that are searched often. I used a keyword tool called “jaxxy” to find highly searched keywords to use in articles and posts. Let me show you what a good keyword looks like using the keyword tool “jaxxy”.

1. Let’s do some research!

Use keywords related to the article you want to write. For example, when I wanted to create the post “How to make money online easy!”. I first had to find keywords that are:

  • Highly searched
  • Have low competition with other sites
  • Have a high probability of being ranked on the first page
  • Mskes sense when read
  • Can get a high amount of traffic from if ranked on the first page

These 5 factors are what you should consider when you choose keywords for your post. Here are some examples of bad and good keywords using jaxxy.

Here is a breakdown of the jaxxy key word search menu:

  • Avg – Is the avg number of searches the keyword gets a month
  • Traffic – Is the estimated amount of traffic that your website will receive if ranked on the first page
  • QSR – Stands for ” Quoted Search Results”. This number represents the number of websites that are already ranked in google for that specific keyword
  • KQI – Keyword quality indicator
  • SEO – this is score that represents the probability of your website being on the first page of a search engine
  • Domain – This shows if the keyword you searched for has related domains available


What’s a bad keyword?

You want to base the content that you post on the keywords that you searched. Since, wanted to write a post on how to make money online. I first searched for keywords that could help me with gaining traffic. The most searched keywords “How to make money online” would seem to be a good keywords to use since it gets a lot of searches. However, this would be a mistake since that keyword has a high QSR score. This means that the keyword has a high compete. 200 Is the number of sites that have been found with this keyword.

Creating posts with high competition puts you at a disadvantage. It takes time to rank content in google and for a good part of that time, your content could be buried where no one really goes. By going with keywords that have a low QSR, your site is more probably to rank on the first page, since there is low competition. Think of it like fishing, If everyone is fishing in the same spot, then you can only catch so much. But if you go where’s there is a relatively high amount of fishes and not many fishermen. Then you are a more likely to catch more fish.

Good Keywords

Let’s take a look on “how to make money online marketing” as the keyword. This would be a better keyword to use since:

  • The amount of searches is high
  • The amount of traffic is high
  • The QSR number is low
  • SEO is high
  • KWI is great

This may not seem to be a lot at first. But this is something many websites miss. Often over time, this once small number of searches, increase.Giving your website more traffic.

Try Jaxxy–> here.


Let me know if any of this helped you by leaving a comment below.

I hope you guys use these tips to grow your site!








4 thoughts on “Increase traffic with these secrets”

  1. Its a good article with some useful resources listed that I will take a look at. I am at a point in my blog where I am about to create social media pages for it so this was useful to me. I am still trying to understand SEO and google indexing. My blog site still doesn’t show up in google even though my QSR number is less than 30.
    I think social media like facebook will help and I am looking forward to setting up a youtube channel as well.
    Getting ranked in google is my big thing though, do you have any other suggestions for me regarding this? Are you ranked in google results? I am no where to be found unless I type in the specific name of my website and even then not all the posts/pages come up. It’s really an area I need work in.

    1. I noticed that I would rank a lot faster when I was uploading content to my site consistently. You start to rank higher when visitors start spending more time on your site. Google keeps track of this and considers your content more relevant and helpful.

      By using social media along with your website, you are able to better rank since, your content is being seen in more than just one place. You start to create alot more relevance to google. Google is a business, and they want users to find the answer that they are looking for. They wouldn’t be google if they showed you stuff that you didn’t want to see. This is the perspective I use when looking to rank my content in google. 

      I also use a few cheat codes as well. I read the research on FacebookIQ and use that information to my advantage. I also use other seo tools like SEMrush (P.S. the also have an affiliate program) to learn how I can improve my rankings and strategically out rank other sites.       

  2. I have heard many times over how traffic is the key to actually making money online. However, I just couldn’t seem to get the proper way to do this.

    So, my website has just turned one year old and although I am already getting considerable amount of traffic by using good keywords and sharing my articles on Facebook, I believe there are things I can do to increase my traffic.

    You’ve mentioned Instagram and Twitter, I do have accounts for both but I always thought Instagram was just for sharing photos and that is why I seldom log into my account. I didn’t know about the stories feature, thanks for the information, very helpful indeed.

    1. Hey Alice,

      From what I read so far, you can gain traffic from twitter through posting content that is retweetable. This would be the same kind of content that you might see on Facebook or just duplicate what people are already sharing. I would really recommend using Instagram since you could gain traffic just by people visiting your profile. It also puts a face to the content you post on your website. People feel as they share a deeper connection with you since they have an open line of contact and feel if they really know. What i’m getting at here is that it helps to build trust with your audience.  

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