If you are like most college student’s, then you probably don’t have alot of money to spare. I was in the same position once, but those days are long gone. However, I learned a lot of lessons being a broke college student. That I might have not have learned otherwise. Maybe the thing’s I learned may help you too.

Knowing the difference between an Asset and a liability  

Building a good foundation is key

Before I start giving you ways of making money. I would like to first give you a good financial foundation so that you might never be broke again.

Do not skip over this section. Doing so may just put you in the same exact position that you are currently in now.  You might not ever learn this in school.

An asset is anything that generates income. This might be a business or skill that you may learn or build, that can generate income. However, a liability is the exact opposite. A liability is anything that doesn’t produce income but has a cost associated with it.  

For example, a car may be seen as an asset but is in fact, a liability. There is a cost to have and maintain a car. You may need it for transportation, but it does not generate you income. 

The arrows illustrate where the money is going

The majority of college students have very little income consistently, this is unless they have a job. But a job is only a single stream of income. You might not ever get more but you may not get less either. 

For my friend Justin, this is what his cash flow looks like.Yes he agree’s that money could be saved, but Justin doesn’t really feel a need to. 

With jobs, your income is limited and you will be trading your valuable time, for money.  The more hours that you work, the more money that you will make and vice-versa. 

Maybe your parents help you and maybe they don’t. It’s important to know how much you bring in and what exactly you spend it on. 

If there is money left over, like the $100 Justin does. Then you are able to save that money and invest it into something that might give you a greater return. 

It’s the same reason that we go to school in the first place. But this is the more rewarding way of going through it (in my opinion). I’m not saying college is bad, I’m saying that it is not the only way to make money and accomplish the things that you want to in life

“Why not use that money to build a business, hustle, or skill that you can’t really learn in college? “

“You are capable of so much more than you think”

Here is what my cash flow looks like with assets. I do not have a car and ride a bike instead. 

I’m no longer a college student as of August of 2018 because I dropped out and here’s why. But it goes to show what you can do with your money when you make it work for you. This only took me 6 months to do and anyone can do what I have done. It will require time and patience.

What I’m getting at here is, that assets will work for you. Without you needing to trade all of your time for it. This is why it is great to create assets for yourself while you are young, so you don’t have to spend all your life working if you don’t want to.

What would you do?

“Think of all the possibilities” 

What if you didn’t have to work so much. What else would you do with your time?  What might you not do?

For me, this gave me more freedom to put time into things that I really loved to do and allowed me to go places that I wanted to go. This journey, if your willing to take it, will be hard at first. However, it will get easier over time and will become very rewarding. 

Creating your assets

Let’s make your money work for you

One of the best places to build assets are on the internet. The internet gives you access to awesome opportunities build and grow assets. One way would be creating an online store.

Build an online store

Drop shipping is a business model that allows you to sell products online, but without the need of storing inventory. This can be set up for free and 2-week free trial. It does cost about 30$ a month to run. 

There are a lot of people doing this and there is a lot of information out there. I break down a lot of, what I learned down on my post about Shopify >> here.

In that post, I give you everything you need to succeed with your own store.  There is a learning curve, but if a 16-year old kid can build a 6-figure dropshipping business. Then any college student can as well.                          (check out tanner planes out on YouTube)

Sell stuff on eBay

Make money with eBay

One of my most fun assets to build was on eBay. eBay allows you to almost sell anything online with ease. Got phones and electronics? Why not sell what you’re not using on eBay?  This goes for other people stuff as well.

What if you told you, you could get brand new products for almost for free to sell on eBay?  I have been using this method since high school to get free headphones, earbuds, and speakers.

It was not until later when I was in college that I discovered it was an easy way to make money as well. I’m talking $400+ more in a month, even a few $100+ days.  

I call it the “Warranty recycling” .  I discovered that Skullcandy has a pretty good warranty system. I I’m doing is:

  1.   Buying broken Skullcandy products from eBay
  2. Warranting those products 
  3.  Use coupons to buy new products
  4. Sell those products on eBay 
  5. Repeat

You can learn how I acquire headphones >> here                                                  Or how I sell those products on eBay >> here

Build a affiliate marking business

Affiliate marking is was one of the biggest opportunities that most people never see. Rather than spending a lot of money on advertising, companies would rather pay individuals a commission for generating sells.

There is an unlimited amount of products that you are able to promote. And unlike a job, there is no cap to how much income that you can generate. You can use Amazon, eBay, Walmart, educational platforms, website hosting platforms just to name a few. 

There are a plethora of ways that you can build a business with affiliate marking. One of the ways that I do this is by building websites and generating traffic to it. 

Imagine, by the time you graduate, that you were already making as much money with your own business part-time. Than working a full time job. That would be difficult for your parents and peers comprehend. 

The best part about affiliate marketing is that you can start for free and build your own website today. Follow my guide  >> here, to get started today!

Sell your services 

Try to see the bigger picture

Not only have I marketed Affiliate offers, but I also have sold my services to other people.

My first client wanted me to build his website and to gain a bigger internet presence on social media. Both of which I had learned from building my own businesses. He paid me $500 cash for the work. 

He was an awesome guy I happened to meet one day and we had a very interesting conversation. I didn’t even have to advertise what I did. He trusted me based on my experience and perspective that I had on the topic. 

You are the only thing that is holding you back. 

Anyone with a computer and internet access can do this. And a lot of what you learn, many people are completely unaware of. But through experience, you can totally leverage all that you learn and turn it into cash. 

The only difference is, you do not have to get a degree to do any of this.

Words of wisdom

You life will end up based on the choices that you make. We have to say no to some things in the short them to get the life we want, in the long term. 

It’s really hard to start at first, but when you get into the habit of thinking long term. Life will get much easier when you are able to adopt this way of thinking. 

This philosophy has really helped me change my mindset when I first set out on this journey. Change starts from within, so if you can’t even change your thoughts or habits. How do you think you will be able to change your income?

I sincerely hope that my website helps you and that you go from being broke a college student to become a ninja in your own right. 

Check out my about me page if want to learn more about my website. All I ask in return is that you help someone else in return. Who else do you think needs to see this?


10 thoughts on “How to make money as a college student”

  1. Lots of great advice on how not to be a broke college student! 

    Wish I could read have read this when I was a student. A broke student that is. And then it took me ages to pay of my student loans. 

    I feel like shouting from the rooftops to everyone in college to start their own online business, or advertise their skills on different sites. To learn everything there is to know about online marketing, because that is going to come in handy anyway. Whichever profession one chooses nowdays, it’ll have to have an online presence if it is to succeed. 

    I intend to teach my children this and have their own websites as soon as they show any interest.

    1. If we do it that way then it might fall on deaf ears. As much as I would love for more people to have their own online business. I would rather much like for them to have an open mind and look at the bigger picture. 

      An online business isn’t for everyone because sadly. Everyone does not want to become self reliant. It’s a sad truth that I come to realize. Even though everyone has the power to. 

      I do hope your children do take part in this opportunity.

  2. Wow! what an inspirational post. I really enjoyed your description of assets and liabilities I had never thought of these things in that way. Turns out that my car is a liability! How about a house? Would you consider that to be an asset? Amazing that you met a guy that paid you $500 to build a website, that is pretty lucky!

    1. Unlike your car, your house can be an asset. If you rent out space or you use your house to leverage the banks money. Your house can very well become an asset. It’s a very tricky thing to say since we all need a place to live.

      As in meeting someone to pay me for building a website was luck. But it was because I was prepared. I try to always stay on top on where marketing is heading and I try to use that knowledge as much as possible. 

      When you are prepared, you are less likely to miss those opportunities

      Thanks for the feedback chris


  3. I left college many years ago and back in the day, the only way to earn an income was to take on a job. I found myself extremely tired all the time because I had projects and assignments. Things have changed. You have laid out so beautifully, the many ways a student can earn an income in a niche that they like. Using their own computers, they can build a thriving business and accumulate assets. Great information and very motivating !

    1. Yes, but the thing is we all have to act on this information. When we act on information and test it. Then it becomes valuable. I just helps someone just as much as it has me.

  4. Where were you when I was in college killing myself to get a degree? This is really great information for more than just college students. Anyone who needs or wants to make some extra money can do the things you suggested. Most of them can make some extra money relatively quickly, except affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing takes a lot of hard work and dedication, and it takes time to get established. So, at least that idea is not a get rich quick scheme, but is great if you have the time to establish your online business.

    I like your post and it is great information for college students.

    I don’t recommend that students drop out of college, but instead do these things while learning and then decide what you want to do with your life. Do you want to work for someone else your whole life, or do your own thing on your own schedule?

    1. I love doing my own thing on my own schedule. Being free also comes with a lot of responsibility. Living an undisciplined life is definitely one way to not get there. Really appreciate the feedback Curtis.

      Glad you like this


  5. Great article. I’m a college student myself and I’ve been working on setting up my own affiliate website for about a month now. Starting a website like that may seem difficult for beginners but it’s important to stay motivated, and I’m looking forward to earning money with a successful business. 

  6. Great post! It’s true that college students have very little income and if they can allocate some time and use it wisely they will be able to make money online and pay for their bills. There have been so many stories when a college student became a millionaire. It’s true that we are capable of so much more than we think. We just need to use our time wisely and then we can achieve many of our goals.

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