Can you make money blogging?

In short, Yes, you definitely can. Is it an easy thing to do? Yes, very much so. But before you start, I want to show you how to do so. At the beginning of my quest to make money online, I had no clue where to start. So I first had to learn how to, just as you are now.

Vlogs are one way but…

I first watched many videos and read many books on the subject of how to make money online. I found people making money from vlogs about their life on YouTube. YouTube is a free platform and anyone with a camera or computer could make a YouTube video. I wanted to do the same, but I knew that it would not be a smart idea to only rely on YouTube ad revenue. This is the main way most you-tubers make their living. It also happens to be the same method that bloggers use to make their money.

I realized that YouTube as a platform, has changed over the years and the people relying solely on YouTube Ad revenue suddenly felt their lively hoods threatened due to policy changes. So I asked myself “What other ways are there?”And Google Answered.

Affiliate marketing is the answer!


If you love watching videos on YouTube as much as I do, you probably have then realized that YouTube has Ads popping up on almost every video that you watch. If everyone blocks your ad’s, then you do not make any money. If you don’t allow any Ads, then you do not get any Ad revenue to make from your videos. This also applies to the websites that bloggers use. The way you get around that is a business model called affiliate marketing.

Through the use of links, Vloggers or bloggers can monetize their content without needing Ads or at least to rely on them as your sole source of income. By helping businesses make a sale that they may not have made otherwise. You get paid a commission or a percentage of the sale of the product or service. This is how you can make money with affiliate marketing. There are many different businesses that even have affiliate marketing programs with recurring commissions.

In my review of wealthy affiliate, I use my review to help future bloggers find a platform that would help them grow their own affiliate marketing business. Sign up is free and it includes 2 free websites and training. In my review, are affiliate links to an affiliate offer. Depending on if that person wants to upgrade to premium is when I would make money and a recurring commission. Which also happens to offer the most value.

Content is king

Having quality content is the only reason anyone would ever come to do your blog. You could have all the affiliate links and networks in the world, but if no one like’s reading your content or if it does not help them. You will not make a single dime! Like any business, I have learned that people buy from me because I set myself apart from everyone else.

Not only that, people have to be able to find your content. You do this by using SEO tools and strategies. SEO stands for search engine optimization. When you create content, you should use keywords:

  • In the Title
  • In body
  • In the Description

So that people can find your content based on the words that they search for. For example, I used Jaxxy, a keyword research tool, to find keywords that had little to no competition. To help people find my content. This also gives me the chance for my content to be on the first page of google. You can also use this same technique for youtube videos.

Not only do I make sure I set myself apart. I make sure that the customer’s experience is amazing. Arete is Greek for personal excellence and to have excellence in everything that you do. I live by this and is my daily mantra. I like to encourage everyone to strive to do the best they can with what they have been given. You can apply this mantra in your own life as well. Even in relationships, life, business, personal development, or blogs. It’s all the same, you have to define your standard of excellence in everything that you do.

If you’re poor in one area of your life, It will definitely carry over to other areas of your life. However, if you start to improve one area of your life, other area’s will begin to follow. This is the key element to becoming a success with anything in life.

What can you do today?

I would say to first, read my review of wealthy affiliate or to take advantage of the 2 free websites offered over at Wealthy Affiliate. Explore the affiliate marketing community, ask questions, take part in the free training offered there, read the success stories that many people have had through the use of Wealthy Affiliate. Your life and your income will not change unless you decide to. It’s your life, you should be able to decide how you want to live it.

If you learned anything from this post or you feel as if this information has helped you. Don’t be a stranger, say hello in the comment section. I really want to get to know the people that are reading my blog and those that are looking to become fellow affiliate marketers.

If you do decide to upgrade to premium, let me know, because I have a gift for you!

 I leave you with one final question:

Where do you want to see your self in the next 2-3 years?



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