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My work space looks much like this. Yet, this is almost all you need to make money on your computer. With the variety of tools, resources, and ideas. It can be pretty easy to do. This will be a part 2 of “How to get free noise canceling headphones“.

In that guide, I describe how to get free skullcandy head phones. I showed you how to warranty your own used headphones to get newer ones. I also show you easy and cheap way’s to obtain broken skullcandy headphones. This page also has products already chosen for you, so you don’t have to search for good candidates. I will explore other brands to see if the same methods be used in order to get new products.

Make money using eBay to sell


I have used eBay since high school, to finds stuff that was cheap and inexpensive way before I ever used amazon. In fact, I have been able to purchase goods at lower prices than I could find on amazon. I would describe eBay as an online thrift store of the 21st century. The best thing about eBay is that, anybody with a computer can build an eBay business.

Now that you have away of getting free stuff, you could use some of those items for yourself. You don’t have to use everything. I used to give the excess away because, I was lazy and thought I couldn’t make money selling headphones. I have now learned that is not true. Who doesn’t want to make another and extra $200 or $300 dollar’s regardless if they work or not? So I did some research and went and to list my headphones that I got for free.

Here’s some proof of that. After all, you may want to do this too.

*This does not include sales that I might make in person using social media. Yes there are fees to selling on eBay. I will show you how to reduce that as well.

Like what you see? Pretty cool right? This is just the beginning of showing you what’s possible to do when you start using your brain to make you money instead of your valuable time. You will see that this process is pretty duplicate able for anyone willing to put in the effort. Honestly, little effort is required since this is an online business and you do not have to go anywhere to list anything online.

What you will need

  • Access to a computer
  • A PayPal account – to receive funds
  • A eBay account – to buy and sell
  • A camera or access to one – better to use your own pictures to list
  • A Smart phone (optional) – use the eBay app to list as well
  • Padded envelopes – you can use any envelopes so you never have to buy them
  • A ruler– you will need this to know the dimensions of the package
  • Tape (optional) – ups store will do this for you free of charge for you
  • Access to a printer – to print shipping labels
  • Patience – this takes time but, well worth it

You can use eBay to get all these items if you want as well. The last thing you need on the checklist is the most important. Anybody can sell on eBay but you have to build up a good reputation on eBay as a seller. When you have a good reputation on eBay, your listing will be shown to more people. Your listings are the products that you are selling. Those listing will also appear much higher than other listings. This means that your listings have a higher chance of selling.

You can also build your reputation up by always shipping on time after someone has paid for the item. Doing this consistently, not only builds up your reputation, sell more, but helps to lower your fees. Lower fees means more money for you! You can also alternatively raise your reputation by buying things off eBay. I have been buying things off eBay for a while now, so my reputation is pretty high when compared to someone who has a new account. Don’t worry about this too much.

Getting your item to sale fast

The best way that I found to make money off the items with eBay is to use there action feature. Auctioning an item on eBay guarantees a sale 90% of the time. Sometimes you may have to relist your item due to a buyer not paying. Anytime this happens, open a case on eBay so you can be refunded any listing fees that were charged for listing your item. You can then relist your item once again. I noticed that I would get more views, watchers, and bidders the second time around than the first time. This usually leads to item selling higher than it did the first time.

To make your listings show up in more searches, I would suggest:

  • Accurately describing the item in the title
  • Use the terms “brand new” “unopened” “new” at the end of your title
  • Use a personal review of the item in the description
  • use baiting
  • using specific search criteria

Example title: Skullcandy Hesh 3 red brand new in box

This help’s potential buyer find the items that you have listed. This also helps your listings stand out from other ones. Also, by using the auction format you can use a tactic I call baiting. What’s baiting? Baiting is when you list something at a low price to attract more attention and raise the cost of an item. I have personally watched actions jump from $23.00 to $62.00 overnight. That was 5 day auction that ended at $74. I knew that item was going to sell for before the auction even ended. At a price that is 90% profit since the rest will go to final value and shipping fees.

By using this same tactic, you can schedule listings and only have to package everything once a week on whatever day you want. I choose Mondays since it feels good to be make money on the first day of the week. This is something that does not take much time or effort since your selling brand new items that people want. EBay just provides those people for you.

By using specific search criteria you can also make your item stand out and get more attention. You by choosing to donate some of your profit to charity. For every listing that does this, you get and Icon at the top of your listing in the shape of the ribbon below. Doing this makes your more likely to sell and get more attention, but also reduce your eBay fees. You see, eBay takes fees out for the total value of the listing but, you can counter those fees by donating. However much you donate, you will have and equal reduction in those fees. Not only do you stand out but you, help charity organizations raise money as well. I choose to donate 30% of every sale to keep Denton Beautiful.

  1. Maybe the only one in the category of charity
  2. More likely to show up first in the lowest price listing
  3. Show up first in the auction category

You may not show up 1st in the best match listing, you may show up 1st in other ways. By using this method, I have been making at least 5 sales a week. This allows me to get $100 or more days part-time, with products that you can get for free.

Getting it shipped


To save on shipping, I learned to buy my labels from eBay than going to the USPS store. The majority of the things that I sell are a pound or under. This allows me to charge low shipping rates, save time, and save money by buying labels online. All you need is a PayPal account to do this. You can set one up for free and you can use the funds from the sale to pay for the shipping. This allows you to not have to spend your own money to ship items. So it really does pay to have your own printer or scale.

I like to leave little hand written thank you notes with each order to add a little icing on the cake. This reminds the buyer to leave you good feedback when they receive their item. You don’t have to do this but, I think it helps in the long run.

Once everything is packaged and the shipping label has been taped or secured. All you have to do now is drop it off and your done. You can either drop it off at a USPS location or an ups store. The carrier that is the closest, would be the one I choose to use. That’s it, the only thing you can really do now is wait or repeat the same process again.

*Pro Tip: The UPS store will take USPS packages, transfer packages, and tape packages for free.

What you learned so far recap:

  1. How to get free items
  2. How to list those items
  3. How to get them to sell fast by using baiting
  4. How to reduce fees by donating or buying your own labels
  5. How to ship those items off

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In the meantime, have some fun running your own online business!


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