Affilate marketing a bussiness without limits

A affiliate marketing business is one that almost anyone with an internet connection and a computer can create. All affiliate marketing is just a business model that cuts out the need to advertise. 

In stead of paying media outlets millions of dollars to display ad’s. Marketers can affiliate with a product or service that a company offers. Marketers then create content based around that product or service . When that marketer brings in a sell. The Affiliate marketer gets a percent commission from that sale. 

This is all at not cost for the buyer. But creates an insentive for the marketer and the business.

Marketing Services and products

Marketing is not the same as selling. The goal marketing is to reach the emotions of the consumer. This can be in the form of a video, podcast, blog, or a post on social media. It can be in the format of a review, a helpful or informative post, or it can be aimmed to entertain. 

For example, when I was maketing my own products on my social media. Instead of asking people to buy my products, I gave out free cupon codes on my social media account. This way I was giving somthing back and not just trying to get people to give me money.

This made people aware of what I was doing and gave people a chance to try a product for free. I did this once on the monday of every week until I ran out of cupon codes. Not only did I grow awareness of my own personal brand ,but I began to grow an audince as well. 

But I would also post daily content as well. This would be interesting things that would happen, things that I felt people would love to see, what I had been up or working on, and just sharing things about me and life. 

The greater the audience = greater the oppurtunity

Now that I had grown my following, I would post my favorite items that I had for sell. I never openly gave the price out to people unless they happened to be interested in it. After all, that would be selling, not marketing.

Where I would sell stuff is in the DM’s (Direct Message). There I would give people the price and how they could purchase the product. If they wanted more details, I would have resources that I could refer them to.

There are many different ways to go about marketing but the goal is the same. That is get somone else to make a purchase. This is just easier to do when you already have their attention.  I then discovered the power and leverage that I had as an affiliate marketer.

As an affiliate marketer, I didnt have to have inventory all I needed was my own trackable link, a place where people could find my content , and content that was based around that product. When I put all three of the things together, I created a affiliate marketing business. A business that could work for me 24/7 while I worked on it.

This was all made possible through Wealthy Affiliate.

A business without limits

Unlike other form’s of income, like working a job, affiliate marketing has no limits on how much that you can earn. There is also no limit on what you can promote as well. You could get an affiliate links for anything like golf clubs, car parts, hunting, and so much more. 

There are people making thouands of dollars a month through affiliate marketing. Give it a quick google search if you don’t beileve me. But the difference is they could always make more if they wanted. You can’t really do that at a job unless you trade more of your time. 

However, it does take time to get to that point. You have to be willing to trade the time you spend on social media, watching tv or movies, or time spent hanging with family and friends to spend that time working on your busness. This is somthing that takes time to build, just like any other business. 

It doesn’t take all of your time and you may not have to even have to sacrifice as much. But are you willing to put that time into something that would last a lifetime and get the freedom that you do want. 

Wealthy Affiliate changed everything

Not only did Wealthy Affiliate give me a place where people could find all of my content. But it also gave me a chance to learn and sharpen my skills.
I learned how to build a websites and market products even through all forms of content. I also learned search engein optimization skills that along the way. So people could better find that content in google or bing.
Most of all it gave me the chance to help others and express my own creativity. All while building my business at the same time. I don’t think I could have learned or donet this anywhere else.

Wealthy Affiliate also gives anyone the chance to become a starter member and create 2 of their own websites for free. If you would like to learn more about WA you can check out my review >> here

All you need to start to create your own affiliate marketing bussiness is a website. Which you can create for free through wealthy affilite.

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment if this helpped you.

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