3 Businesses that you can start now

With the creation of the internet, a whole new world of opportunity has opened up. I have tried my hand at a few and have both found failure and success.

 I feel that anyone can able to build their own business. You do not have to do it just to make money. Because that is the quickest way to not get it.

Test these methods to see if they are true. Maybe you might enjoy building a business and making money, just as much as I do.

Business #1: eBay

Anyone can become a seller on eBay but the hardest thing for most people to figure out. Is what is the best thing for them to sell. There are a few ways that you can find thing’s to sell in your eBay store. 

Sell things that you are not using 

This is one of the best places to start. It can be old clothes, old appliances, or maybe even electronic that you do not use anymore. If those items are still in good shape or fixable. You can easily resell them using eBay. I will give you a way of estimating the cost of the item’s later in this post.

Find items in thrift stores and resell stores

Many stores like goodwill have low prices on everything so you don’t really now the price on anything. So something that could possibly be worth $50+ might only cost $ 5, $ 10, or maybe even less than that. Don’t just go from the perspective of what you would buy, but go by what people want. 

For example, people like having there own personal printer. But the thing that makes printers more expensive is ink, toner, and paper. The item’s themselves aren’t the most valuable but rather the consumables. That is not to say a camera is less valuable than film. It’s just something to keep in mind when you are looking for things to sell. 

Sell warrantied products

I’ve been using this method for a while to make money off of eBay. I would buy broken Skullcandy headphones off if eBay in bulk. Next, I would warranty those headphones on the Skullcandy website online. Then I would ship the items to the warranty claim center. 

I would either get a notification that they were sending me new replacement headphones. Or I would get a coupon code of equal value to buy any headphones that I wanted off Skullcandy.com

I would then auction off the majority of the headphones on eBay. If you want to learn more about this method you can read my post ” Get free noise-canceling headphones<– here.

Dumpster dive for items to sell

There is a low-risk high reward for this method. Department stores are very wasteful and they choose to ignore it. But you can use this information to your advantage. A lot of perfectly intact items are thrown away a week from many different department stores. 

The only risk that there is with dumpster diving is that you might get dirty or you might cut yourself on something sharp. Always have gloves, long pants, and long sleeves and a good flashlight. However, the upside is very high. Anything that you are able to sell is 100% profit. That is assuming that it was in perfect condition.

The downside to dumpster diving that you may have competition. When you happen to run into another diver be friendly and ask them if you can join. They may have even been doing this for a while. This is a great chance to get information on where the best places are to go diving. 

Dumpster Diving Strategy

Establish a route that you can smoothly go through each night. Try to find a chain of stores that you can loot once or twice a week. Most stores only remove trash once a week. To find the day that they do remove the trash or compact it. When in doubt of the value of a find, take it anyway. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

Make a chart of the item’s that you collect and on the side of each item. Make note of it’s declared value. Your collection can build up pretty fast so it’s always better to stay organized.

Business #2: Build a dropshipping store 

Drop shipping is a business model that eliminates the need to buy or store inventory. This can usually be done by building an online Shopify store. There is a bit of investment cost to build an online drop shipping store.  It only costs about $30 a month to run your store. But you do get a free 2-week trial.

There is a lot of information on drop shipping out there. So thing’s can’t get a bit overwhelming when looking for good info. Lucky for you, I have already created a guide on getting started with drop shipping. It cover’s everything from building your store, finding products to list in your store, to getting traffic to your store and generating sells. 

A lot of what you learn from drop shipping can then be used for other businesses and projects. It will take some time to master drop shipping and this will take time to learn. This allows you to create consistent passive income that you can use to live the lifestyle that you want.

Learn how to create your first Shopify store —> Here

Business #3: Start an Affiliate Marketing business

Affiliate marketing is a business that anyone can start. Affiliate marketing allows you to make income passively by promoting products through reviews, blogs, or social media. Any product that you promote will have a unique trackable link that you can insert anywhere through a post or comment.

When someone clicks that link and makes a purchase. You will get a percentage commission from that sale. It’s almost the same as drop shipping, but this business model allows you to promote anything that you want. This can be anything from digital services to physical products.

This is truly a business without limits. All you need to start is to have a website in which you create content around. You can build your website for free using the step by step guide that I have created –> Here

As always, leave a comment below if anything here helped you. Feel free to share this post with anyone who might be interested. But most of all. Have fun building your business!





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