The best niches for Affiliate Marketing

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, then you may be wondering what the best niche for you to start promoting. I have found a very easy way to go about doing this.

From this guide you will learn:

  • What a niche really is
  • How to find a niche
  • How to choose your niche
  • Best strategies to use when creating content for your niche

What a niche really is

Think of a niche as a category and within that category are topics that you want to build and post content around. When you have a category, it’s best to stick to that category rather than going outside of that category or topic. For example, the category for my website is making money online.

I chose this category because it would be a highly profitable one. There were also hundreds of ways that I could make money from this category. But this is not my main reason for choosing this niche and neither should you in my opinion. The main reason I chose this niche was that I wanted to help people make more money.

I have found that the best way to make money with affiliate marketing is to aim to help people rather than to just trying to make money. The best niche to choose would be the one you could help the most people. You also want to be very knowledgeable in the niche. If you are not very knowledgeable in a  chosen niche, you could easily become more knowledgeable.

You can do this by:

  • Reading other people’s websites and watching videos

As an example, when I wanted to write a post on creating a Shopify store. I watched videos on creating a Shopify store and visited blogs that came up on the first page of google. The best benefit of using this method is that you do not have to buy or use the product yourself. Instead, you are using the information that is already out there and tying those sources altogether.

This allows you to get different perspectives on a topic that I want to write or talk about. You can also use those videos to post on your website or blog as well so you can spend more time learning about the product than you actually spend having to use the product. You just have to repackage this information in your own way.

  • Writing from your own personal experience with the product or service

For example, in the post “How to make your own website free” I write the post from my own personal experience with the product. The product was the WordPress platform and since this website was built using the WordPress platform.  I have no problem writing about the product. I describe how to use the product in the way that stays true to my niche. This can be in the form of a review, how to, or informational format.

  • Subscribing to other websites within your niche 

Most big niche websites have email lists so they can let readers know about any new posts or articles. They might also offer free tips or ebooks as well that you can take advantage of to use with your own content. What I like to do is, I create a free email account using Gmail or Microsoft outlook. Then when I see a pop up like this:

I join the email list with the email I just created for this purpose. The more lists that you join means the more emails that you will get. This is why it is a good idea to create an email for this very purpose. Now you can get tons of information directly to your inbox without having to search for it. This is a very effective method to use when doing research on a topic.

How to find a profitable niche

The truth is, there is no single best niche. The reason why I say this is because there are opening’s within any niche. You have to decide how much are you willing to work in order to succeed within your chosen niche. This is especially true for high competitive niches.

In order to get around this, I use a keyword tool called Jaxxy. Jaxxy is a keyword research tool that performs searches in google and collects data on those searches. Anytime I want something new to write about. I simply make my title what people are already searching for.

Take, for example, the post that you are reading now. I wanted to help people with affiliate marketing. So I found keywords that had low competition but were words that people are already searching for. Also, the number can change as your page comes up in related searches. Jaxxy helps to find those keywords.

  • Avg – Is the avg number of searches the keyword gets a month
  • Traffic – Is the estimated amount of traffic that your website will receive if ranked on the first page
  • QSR – Stands for ” Quoted Search Results”. This number represents the number of websites that are already ranked in google for that specific keyword
  • KQI – Keyword quality indicator
  • SEO – this is the score that represents the probability of your website being on the first page of a search engine
  • Domain – This shows if the keyword you searched for has related domains available

I’m not super worried about the avg amount of traffic that I can get since this number can change. What I am concerned about is:

  1. If the keyword makes sense as a title
  2. The quality of the keyword is great
  3. The SEO score is high
  4. QSR score or competition score is low ( QSR below 100)

This is the strategy I use to find keywords within my niche. When your niche is very big, it is better to use keywords to break it down even more. By using Jaxxy, you can come up with many different topics within your niche.

Here’s another example of finding a good niche within Jaxxy. One of my favorite hobbies is cycling. There are many different cycling blogs and websites within this niche. But I’m going to use keywords that people are searching for but are still within the niche of cycling.

There are many different aspects when it comes to cycling. For example, there are different parts to a bike and there is a lot of gear that people are looking for. I have dozens of topics to choose from making this a highly profitable niche.

  • tires
  • wheels
  • frames
  • kits
  • jerseys
  • shoes
  • pedals
  • breaks
  • bars
  • lights
  • shifters

In fact just looking for keywords has told me that this is a highly profitable niche with a very low competition. It’s all about perspective.

Take a look at all the keywords that are available. The majority of them have very low competition and a high average amount searches. This is just for one topic of the cycling niche. If you are not using Jaxxy, you are really missing out on what could be very profitable niches.

Oh, did I mention that you can also use Jaxxy to help you find affiliate programs as well? Even if you find the right keywords, you still need affiliate links for whatever you want to promote in your niche as well. This is the main way you make money with affiliate marketing. Someone has to click your link! 

Here is what came up when I wanted to find affiliate programs that offered cycling equipment. Assuming that you a part of the affiliate network, you can quickly find the link in order to gain revenue from the promoted product. This saves you a lot of time and guesswork when looking for affiliate networks.

Now let’s help you find your niche

Now that you know what tools and methods I use to find my niche and create content. Let’s help you find yours. I recommend going with something you are interested in or willing to research. This can be a hobby, skill, a trending topic, business, self-help, hair, home decor anything really. It’s totally up to you. Then you want to find affiliate programs related to your topic. You can do this by simply using google and type in your topic or niche to see what comes up.

Here are a few affiliate networks that I use

  • eBay partner network
  • Google G suite
  • Wealthy Affiliate
  • Shopify partners
  • WordPress Affiliate
  • Impact Marketplace

There are a lot out there and some programs may not even accept you if you do not have an active website. So if you do not even have a website yet. I recommend that you build one on Wealthy Affiliate for free. You can get training on wealthy affiliate and join an entire community of affiliate marketer or you build your own website with the WordPress platform.

You can read “My honest review of Wealthy Affiliate” << here.

Good luck guys & stay strong



8 thoughts on “Best niches for affiliate marketing”

  1. Hi Wesley!

    Affiliate programs and affiliate marketing is actually one of the best ways, if not the best to start online business. I can see that you are involved in more affiliate programs. How it is going with your promotion of them?

    Wealthy Affiliate is great, we know that. I am using Jaaxy all the time as the keywords research tool, as well. It is a great tool also for other tasks, so I can only recommend it to everybody.

    Besides, regardless  what is your primary niche, or  a secondary one, jaaxy can help. Finding the proper niche is important, we know that.So, using Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy programs, you can’t go wrong!Wish you success with all your programs!Best regards!

    1. I only promote programs that in which other’s have found useful or that I have used myself. It’s not so much what you choose to promote but, what you promote benefits others.
      Always try to see the bigger picture.

  2. This is such an informative article

    A lot of people struggle to realise what a niche is when they are embarking on their online journey and this certainly helps people understand every aspect on this subject

    You are also so right about there being millions of nihes to choose from and I feel a really important thing is before you decide on a niche, also make sure your choice can be monetized down the track once you have a really solid foundation as this is vital for future income to be earned as an affiliate

    Great post and all the best

  3. I found your article had some good information about niches. New affiliate marketers definitely make it harder than it is to find their niche. Like you said, it is just a category about something you are passionate about, or maybe something you are interested in that you can learn about, and then write content about.

    I like your advice for using Jaaxy for keyword searches to check out the competition and to find more ideas for writing content.

    There are so many affiliates on the internet, it should not be hard to find affiliates to work with so you can add links to your website and your content.

    Is it better to find high paying affiliates to join or should we start with something easier to sell via our content?

    How long does it take to start making money in affiliate marketing? I assume it is not a get rich quick scheme?

    1. Why not give yourself a challenge?
      You would learn a lot to doing it that way. But remember, we are marketing products and services. So the question would be, what’s best for the consumer?

      Affiliate Marketing is just a business model, but a more efficient one. We cut out the need to advertise.

  4. Great topic that I’m sure a lot of WA’ers would all find useful. Thank you for covering it. I want to highlight a very important statement you made that I’m finding to be more evident with each post I make: “You just have to repackage this information in your own way.”

    The fact that we live in a day and age where we don’t have to physically experience or use everything we want to learn or communicate about is an EPIC blessing but especially for affiliate marketing like your online income niche.Another great point you made that I didn’t consider before, so thank you, is SEO score. I’ve always been so wrapped up in Average searches per month and QSR scores. I didn’t truly take the time to consider SEO scores. I like your approach of picking quality keywords in combination with SEO not just traffic because after all…it is all about helping and providing value to people in a specific niche or what some like to call a “market place”. You’re doing this for me right now.

    Also, I had NO IDEA that you can use Jaaxy to find affiliate programs—I’m really looking into getting into other ones other than Amazon. Thank you for showing me just how even more amazing Jaaxy can be. Thanks for listing some of the other helpful affiliate programs.

    Do you know which one of them is good for a starting website with not a lot of traffic yet? Or do you recommend sticking with Amazon until I do? Thanks in advance.


    1. I herd that of you are not sending traffic on a more consistent bases to amazon. They might suspend your account temporary until you do. But there are many affiliate programs out there that you are able to use. The question is what is best for the consumer? What do you have experience with?

      That is where I would start when looking for affiliate programs. I’m excited that this post able to help you. Thanks Fransesco for giving this post a read and giving me some good feedback.


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